Getting Personal

I know what it feels like to be overweight. When in grade school I was labeled as “husky”. My parents would have to take me to a special store downtown to buy clothes. The name of the place escapes me now but that’s not important. Feeling ‘different’ from my brothers and sisters is what I remember. Their clothes were purchased at regular clothing/retail stores. There was no need to go to a special store to buy their clothes.

Nicknames like ‘tank’ and ‘porky’ followed me through the early years. The neighbors used to yell, ‘hey Tank, do a cannonball’ from the deck next to the swimming pool we had. So I did! The impressive splash and resulting wave action did lower the water level a bit :). We were young back then so the insult of it all kind of wore off with time.

Decision Time!

It was at the time I entered 7th or 8th grade that a decision was made. “I must lose weight and get rid of this gut!” I told myself this.. and I did lose plenty! Girls were looking prettier at the time one has to trim down to get the looks and to be accepted, I guessed. That’s how it worked out back then. I cut down on nasty junk food and got busy with more physical activity. I did lose the weight! Entering high school, a buddy and I started lifting free weights and that helped out too. It felt good to feel that early success with weight loss and diet control. No matter where we are in our lives we can take positive, healthy steps today.

Imagination And Weight Loss

I know you can do the same. Starting with a vision of your ideal self works! That’s kind of what I did and you can do it too. Visualizing your ideal physical self can go a LONG way in leading you to your weight loss goals! Sure the weight gain came and went for me a bit over the years but the days of being chastised for my physical appearance ended.
Today, with gravity pushing body parts closer to the good earth, I find that some daily exercise helps immensely. I try to walk wherever I can. An hour walk seems about right. I alternate with some weightlifting if it’s raining outside. Cutting sugar and white flour out of the equation works wonders as well. Use honey and natural cane sugar (the tan colored stuff) to sweeten stuff up. Drop the soft drinks like burning coals into the trash. Don’t buy this crap that ‘zero calorie’ soda pop is the answer. It is definitely NOT. “Energy” drinks are on the sh!t list too. They’re brutally loaded with sugar and WORSE. Drink sparkling water with lemon flavoring. Develop a taste for quality coffee.. black!

Some Suggestions

Also highly suggested: Get your hands on a good water filter. I like the gravity type filters with ceramic filter elements inside such as the Big Berkey. Clean, great tasting water is the only way to go. You’ll actually look forward to drinking it. You’ll know it’s healthy and calorie free.

Following this advice, you’ll be well served and refreshed at the same time! You do not have to go cold turkey so to speak. Just aim for slow, steady and sustainable progress. We all cave in to temptation when tasty food is around. Eat only enough to satisfy your hunger. Then pat yourself on the back for caring about your physical health and improving self control. Those around you will begin to compliment you on your new appearance.

Take the time today to start a daily weight loss ‘to do’ list. Actually it would be a ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’ list! Do exercise. Do eat healthy foods and lots of vegetables! You get it. Keep a personal journal. You can buy day planners cheaply these days. Remind yourself daily of your goals. I find that reviewing written weight loss/exercise goals in the evening before bed and first thing in the morning goes a LONG way. This practice is like a positive programming exercise. Try it!

Best Time To Start? Today!

Build momentum over the first month. After 3 or 4 weeks of making healthy choices you will hit your stride and actually look forward to checking off those line items on your new healthy checklist.

I have been where you may be now and I am 110% on your side. I believe in you. I fully believe you CAN achieve your new ideal you! Put your imagination to work first and follow  your new body vision with positive healthy action!

Here’s to losing it all and gaining much, much more!

Thank You Very Much!


a.k.a. mrwonderful

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