Bike Riding As a Great Weight Loss Strategy

Bike Riding Works!

It is quite a challenge to lose weight for most people. Here’s how you can make it easier on yourself. Find something you like to do insofar as exercise is concerned. Do you enjoy bike riding? Yes?.. you have found the right article. Continue reading to learn how you can use bike riding as a great weight loss strategy. Watch this amazing transformation video:

Gearing Up!

Consider the size of the bike that you need and the style as well. What type of bike do you want? Make sure above everything else that you get the right size bike for height. A bike that is too small is to be avoided. What you might do is go to a decent sporting goods store and get measured up for a properly sized bike. If you see one you like go ahead and pick it up. Alternatively, consider looking for a used ride. Used bikes can be bought very inexpensively!

Some bikers wear specialty bike riding shoes. If you have the jingle, go ahead and buy yourself a shiny new pair. After all, you are in this thing to see it through to the new you. As for myself, when I need a boost I up a new pair of shoes now and again! Why not biking shoes? will certainly look and feel the part of a serious biking contender!

What You May Also Need

When planning for a nice long bike ride make sure you take water and low-fat snacks with you. Please avoid the sugary ‘energy’ drinks. They’re full of sugar and/or other counterproductive sweeteners. Think of your ride as an adventure. Make sure the snacks you pack are nutritious. You can stop at the half-way point in your ride and have a little picnic! Make sure you have some way to carry your gear easily. You may want to outfit your bike with a storage rack or drink holder. A backpack is always a good choice for those on the go.

You might do well to pick up a small first aid kit for your journeys. Throw some eye drops and lip balm in for good measure. You’re on a mission now :). A little preparation will keep you on the road longer..burning more calories!

Plan your ride if you are more comfortable with a known route. How about measuring the distance of your rides with an odometer? What a great feeling to know you’ve put several miles behind you! Increasing the distance you ride over time is a great goal setting exercise. Write your achievements down. Bask in your new found energy levels knowing you are well on your way to the new you! Check out the 5 reasons cycling is the best exercise for weight loss right here:

You Are On Your Way!

When fulfilling your weight loss goals it is important that you do something you enjoy for exercise. Make sure you pick and choose a few different activities. Be willing to try something new. Biking makes a great exercise routine for sure. How about throwing in some walking or swimming too? Once your momentum kicks in let it move you forward! Enjoy your journey knowing you are making steady progress!

Watch this highly inspirational weight loss video now! Please note that I zero affiliation with Giant Bikes!

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