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Increasing Senior Stamina

Fitness Over Fifty

Increasing Senior Stamina Exercise For Stamina For Seniors Exercise for seniors is increasingly important. It can lead to a longer life span, prevent a number of medical conditions and help seniors feel better. However, in order for a sedentary individual to start and stick with an exercise program, an increase in stamina is essential. There are several things you can do to increase your stamina. Start your exercise program by getting a physical. There are a number […]

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Fitness Over Fifty Part 2

Senior Health

Fitness Over Fifty – The Senior Stretch – Warming Up Before Starting Your Day Perhaps no aspect of senior fitness is overlooked as often as stretching. Stretching in the morning may be the best way to make the most of every day. Regular morning stretches help maintain overall flexibility, which, in turn, enhances the rest of our lives. Stretching prevents everyday injuries and allows our muscles to perform at their maximum potential. In addition, stretching is simple, […]

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Fitness Over Fifty Part 1

Senior exercise ideas

Exercise For 50+ Year Olds The idea of exercise being a beneficial part of a healthy life is common knowledge. Only recently has that advice been offered to the aging population as well as the young population. In recent times, information has been presented to demonstrate that exercise ishelpful to people of all ages and people with many different health needs. Creating and stickingwith an exercise routine can help to stop or prevent a number of different […]

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Elliptical Trainers Are Growing In Popularity

elliptical trainer burns fat

Why Elliptical Trainers Are Growing In Popularity! If you work out at a health club you probably noticed that in the last few years there are fewer treadmills. The reason? They are being replaced by elliptical trainers. And although treadmills still outsell ellipticals in total numbers, elliptical sales are growing at a faster rate. What is driving the popularity of elliptical trainers? There are two factors that make elliptical trainers so appealing: 1) Low Impact Workout 2) […]

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Exercise Ideas to Help You Lose Weight

The simple truth is that we will never truly embrace doing things that we do not enjoy, including exercise. Regardless of how beneficial any habit is, if you hate doing it, you will never really make it a part of your daily life. Therefore, it is very important to change the way you perceive physical exercise and how you incorporate it into your life. Let’s take a look.. Here’s some scientifically based motivation advice for you: Exercise: […]

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Walking to Lose Weight: A Guide

Walking to Lose Weight Walking to lose weight is a great way to get into exercising regularly. The greatest benefit of walking is that you already have all the equipment you need! Additionally, people of nearly all fitness levels are able to get started with walking. Because it can seem so effortless almost, many walkers forget what a perfect exercise it really is. Work yourself up to a brisk 30 minute walk daily. Once you’re in the […]

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