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6 Dangers Of Binge Eating

Binge eating is not just a habit. There is an actual disease called “binge eating disorder” in which you eat abnormally large amounts of food with an inability to stop eating when your body is technically full. This is a dangerous, life threatening condition, but help is available and recover is possible. While you can over eat every once in a while, binge eaters consistently eat too much but do not use laxatives or purge to get […]

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Walking to Lose Weight: A Guide

Walking to Lose Weight Walking to lose weight is a great way to get into exercising regularly. The greatest benefit of walking is that you already have all the equipment you need! Additionally, people of nearly all fitness levels are able to get started with walking. Because it can seem so effortless almost, many walkers forget what a perfect exercise it really is. Work yourself up to a brisk 30 minute walk daily. Once you’re in the […]

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