Easy Ways To Help You Lose Weight

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Many of us are actively trying to lose weight. But let’s face it, it’s not a ‘walk in the park’ at times. With the level of temptation that confronts us, it can be challenging to commit to a weight loss program. Luckily, you’ll find easy weight loss tips right here. Read on to discover how to make your weight loss journey more pleasant.

Start Your Day The Right Way

The first of a few easy weight loss tips would be to eat eggs for breakfast every morning. Surprised? Breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day. Breakfast ramps up our metabolism and supplies us the energy to get busy. Eggs are great because they are packed full of protein, which will aide in muscle building (which, by the way, helps promote fat loss). High protein foods help keep us feeling fuller for longer. Stay away from simple carbohydrates like sugary cereals and bagels. Any excess sugar that is not immediately used will be stored as fat.

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Blue Plate Special Revisited!

This next tip may seem a bit odd but it has been proven to be effective. Eat your meals from blue colored plates! Studies have shown that people tend to eat less when they use blue plates. Wow! For some reason, we tend to put less food on blue plates and our bodies will begin to feel fuller faster. Maybe this is where the epochal ‘blue plate special’ originated! Diner owners somehow knew customers would fill up on less. This way, the boss takes home more bread! Yes, pun.. yes yes! Try this to trick your mind into thinking you are eating more than what’s actually on your plate.

TV = Off

Many of us love to eat our meals in front of the television. Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster. While in front of the tube, we focus on what we’re watching instead of what we are eating. This can easily lead to overeating. Instead, make a commitment to yourself and eat your meals with the television off. You will soon see that you are eating less than you did previously. Here’s a wild video just jammed with weight loss tips!

Now this next tip might seem a bit backwards to you. Eat your meals using a larger fork than a smaller one. While you might believe that a smaller fork would encourage you to take smaller bites, the opposite is actually true. Studies have shown that using a larger fork tricks our minds into taking smaller bites. This is a great way to slow down the rate at which we eat, which will prevent us from overeating. Interesting and useful advice isn’t it?

Lastly, eat your meals using a smaller plate. When we prepare our food, we like to see a full plate, so obviously eating from larger plates is going to cause us to eat more food than we actually need. When you eat from smaller plates you get the impression that you are eating much more than you actually are. Another great little trick that’s a great way to exercise portion control.

Try these easy weight loss tips today. Remember, every small step and useful new tactic can add up to reaching your weight loss goal!

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