Fitness Over Fifty Part 1

Exercise For 50+ Year Olds

The idea of exercise being a beneficial part of a healthy life is common knowledge. Only recently
has that advice been offered to the aging population as well as the young population. In recent times, information has been presented to demonstrate that exercise ishelpful to people of all ages and people with many different health needs. Creating and stickingwith an exercise routine can help to stop or prevent a number of different health issues. Moreover, even a little exercise or activity can help aging seniors manage their health conditions. Those over 50 require four different types of exercise to stay healthy.

Senior exercise hiking

Types Of Exercise For Seniors

Strength exercises help to tone and build muscle tissue which in turn can help metabolic rates.
Balance exercises help to build strength in the legs which can assist with the prevention of falls
and loss of balance issues. This can prevent a number of disabling injuries for seniors.
Stretching exercises help to maintain the range of flexibility which can lead to a more active
lifestyle. Endurance exercises raise the heart rate and breathing for a long period of time.
Activities like jogging, walking, and swimming fit into this category. The most important part of
incorporating exercise into life is choosing the right activity for you.

What Type Of Exercise Do You Enjoy?

When you decide to begin choosing the appropriate exercise program for yourself, you must
decide what you like to do best. If you have a personality type who enjoys the company of
others in a team atmosphere, choose a team sport at a health club. If you prefer to be alone
while exercising, consider solitary activities you might enjoy. You may love walking and hiking,
but hate jogging. You may hate swimming but love biking. The important thing to remember is
that any type of exercise can be tailored to fit your needs.

If, in your younger days, you enjoyed riding a bicycle but you can’t get on a bike now, consider
purchasing a recumbent bike and watching movies while you exercise. The most important thing to remember is just to engage in the activity you enjoy as often as possible. You could follow
the same routine each day or vary it from day to day. You may decide to ride a stationary
bike for fifteen minutes then engage in some gardening for a while. This variation not
only ensures that you are meeting all of your exercise needs; it also makes exercise more

Bike Riding is excellent senior exercise

Join A Gym Perhaps?

A gym facility is a good idea for folks who enjoy working out with other people in a social
atmosphere. It is, however, not necessary. If a gym membership is not in your budget don’t wait until you
have the money to join a health club to begin exercise. Working out should not necessarily
involve high priced clothing or toys. Exercise, at its very core, involves simple self-discipline.

Walking Could Be A Great Choice For You

Walking is a good choice for most people for a number of reasons. One reason it is so popular
is that it requires little in the way of preparation. No gadgets or expensive clothing are required.
A sturdy pair of walking shoes will take you a long way to meeting your exercise goals. If you
decide to shop for walking shoes, do it at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.
You should also try them on and test them out in the store before you purchase them. If they
feel uncomfortable in the store, don’t take them home with the belief that you’ll get used to
them. It will only increase your level of soreness.

Additionally, there is a very low risk of injury associated with walking. It is relatively harmless
on the joints as one foot is always on the ground. Therefore, when the other foot strikes the
ground, it carries little more than a person’s total body weight with it. Another benefit to
walking is that it can be done almost anywhere. You can walk in the comfort of a shopping mall, a local
high school track, or a nature trail. Wherever you decide to walk, though, be sure you have
your personal safety in mind. Walking can reduce stress by refreshing your brain and increasing
your energy level. If you decide to walk, try to walk at a pace you can maintain for the entirety
of the walk. Aim for a 30 minute walk, increasing to an hour or so Slow down if you feel any type of pain
or any shortness of breath.

Cool Down After You Exercise

Whatever exercise program you choose, be sure to include a warm up period and a cool down
session in your exercise routine. Stretching your arms and legs will increase your level of
flexibility and decrease your level of soreness.

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