Losing Weight With Healthy Choices

Shake it Up For Positive Results

Exercise alone will not achieve your weight loss goals. Losing weight by making healthy choices are key and go hand in hand with an effective exercise regimen. Plan on combining the two. Remember to include variety in your healthy food choice. The same goes for exercise activities. One of the spices of life is variety. Use variety to keep you fully interested in attaining the ‘new you’!

Choose Fiber Rich Foods

We all know that what you eat matters.. a LOT. Concentrate on quality nutrition starting today. Ideally, you need an adequate supply of protein in order to remain strong and healthy while slimming down. Healthy choices include seeking out proteins that are lean yet have the needed nutrients. Beans of all sorts and nuts fit the bill. Cashews don’t stand a chance in this house! Skip the processed proteins such as cured deli meats. The closer your food is to its natural state the better your results will be. The better you will feel and more quickly at that. Healthy eating is a habit. Habits take time to take hold. Focus on developing and living a healthier life by making daily conscious food choices.

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When it comes to adding fiber to your diet, the same holds true as far as processed foods. Even if you are consuming foods known to be high in fiber, the benefits will be lessened or even lost if they foods have been overly processed. This will strip them of the desired benefits. Eating fiber when dieting is important because it keeps your system from becoming bloated and overburdened with accumulated dietary products. It will also give you a feeling of fullness while keeping your bowels moving freely.

Fruits are an important part of any weight loss plan. They provide needed vitamins and minerals while tasting great. Fruits also help keep your digestive tract in top form. Especially beneficial are fruits such as: raspberries, figs, the tropical fruit guava, pomegranate, kiwi, grapefruit, blackberries, pears, avocados, apples, mangoes (love ’em!), prunes, strawberries, dates (love them too!) and coconut – fresh is best.

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What About Carbs?

So, you love carbohydrate rich foods, most of us do! Carbohydrate rich foods are found on every aisle at the grocery store. Well.. almost! Carbs are tempting. However, the fact is, our bodies convert excess carbohydrate intake into body fat. I am talking here specifically about refined carbohydrates IE: junk food mostly. Here, our focus is on helping our bodies help us and heal us. Heavy or even moderate refined carbohydrate consumption can seriously hinder your progress. Do you know that your body actually burns 2-3 times more calories simply digesting proteins vs carbohydrates? Sounds fictitious but it’s absolutely true!. Eating judicious amounts of protein has the added benefit of preserving muscle mass. Preservation of muscle mass is preferable to loss of the same. In any case, you can investigate this phenomenon further by clicking: Does Eating More Protein = More Weight Loss?

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So, really, part of your weight loss goal planning needs to include smart menu planning. You’ll more likely stick to your plan when there is enough variety in it. You need to stay focused on your objective. While at the same time, mixing it up once in awhile diet wise. I would suggest (as others have) that you take one day per week and eat whatever you desire. Please do this in moderation. Satisfying your cravings now and then is only natural. Total abstinence and radical abrupt change is generally short lived – and useless. Your best bet is to maintain a ‘steady as she goes’ mentality on weight loss. With your reducing waistline and increasing confidence in losing weight with healthy choices being made, you will reach your ideal weight sooner than you might think!

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