Walking to Lose Weight: A Guide

Walking to Lose Weight

Walking to lose weight is a great way to get into exercising regularly. The greatest benefit of walking is that you already have all the equipment you need! Additionally, people of nearly all fitness levels are able to get started with walking. Because it can seem so effortless almost, many walkers forget what a perfect exercise it really is. Work yourself up to a brisk 30 minute walk daily. Once you’re in the groove, those 30 minutes will absolutely fly by. I enjoy walking myself. Fortunately, I live in the country so the air is fresh and there’s not much traffic at all. Let’s take a bit of a closer look ad walking to lose weight and get you moving out on 2 feet!

Interesting Video on The Science Behind Walking And Weight Loss!

Getting Started Now

Obviously, it is best to start gently and work your way up to longer distance walks. I would suggest you start with whatever duration is just over your comfort level. The idea is to keep logging the miles and challenging yourself at the same time. At first, walk every other day. Aim for enjoying a daily walk if you can. I find that starting the day with an hour walk is both motivating and invigorating. Burning energy to be more energetic throughout the day seems counter-intuitive. I can assure you, it does work!

When you get your walking legs beneath you, increase distance and difficulty. Walking is a great exercise to enjoy with a friend or two. For sure, it seems that walking and talking is an almost trance-like activity. There have been numerous times when my walks have come to an end and I could have sworn it just began. Unreal!  When you really get into it, you can choose more challenging terrain and bring your loaded backpack with you. If you are fortunate enough to live in the mountains you’re all set. I love walking mountain forest trails!

Measured Success!

A fantastic motivational idea is to purchase a pedometer. Pedometers are small devices that usually clip onto a belt. They measure distance walked. This handy feedback mechanism is most effective in goal setting. Simply walk a little further each week until you hit your stride. You’ll immediately feel a sense of accomplishment upon returning home. In addition, you can keep a written log (goal setting!) and chronicle your progress. Reward yourself when you reach milestones. I find that a decent 3 to 4 mile walk in the morning is very effective for weight loss and weight management.

Always remember that what we are doing in each instance of behavior changing activities is developing new healthy habits. It’s the same when you are walking to lose weight. Most personal improvement ‘gurus’ advise that new habits form after 21 to 30 days of effort. I find this to be the case. Depending on your nature, your new good habits may take a little more or even less time. What is always important to remember is that this is a journey. Enjoy the ride! The destination of a new you is worth every minute of time invested in yourself!

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